Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet Mercy

For nearly a year I have been visiting Reece's Rainbow gazing upon the face of a sweet little girl named Mercy. She is currently orphaned in an eastern European country. 

I emailed RR last night asking if I could advocate for Mercy and within what seemed like a minute (It was so fast! I could not believe it!)  
Andrea Roberts- the Executive Director of RR emailed me back: "Absolutely you can share her!" and she sent along 5 additional photos of her. 

What a blessing to be a voice for this treasure-- Thank you God!!!

Mercy has major medical needs. 

She was born with spina bifida which is dear to my heart (for reasons I hope to share in the near future. :) She also has flail legs, optic nerve atrophy, congenital hip(s) dislocation, and clubbed feet.

Can you see the little heart imprint on her onsie? :o)

 She is perfect.

She is beautiful.

She needs to know these things.

She needs a forever family. She needs a mom and a dad. A couple to kiss those cheeks of hers and call her daughter.

Look at those cheeks! I had to zoom in... scroll down for the full picture of her sleeping, oh so sweetly...

She needs a bed of her own and someone to read her bedtime stories and tuck her in at night.

Sleeping beauty
She needs surgeries and someone to be by her side through it all.

She IS a CUTIE!!!

BUT above all. She needs HOPE. She needs to know Jesus. She needs someone to tell her about Him! She needs to know that she was made in His image and how she was created was by no mistake. She needs to know that God has a special plan for her life!

This 4th of July baby girl will be 3 years old this year. So for years she has been in an orphanage... waiting. 

I DON'T want to see her become a statistic for a child being transferred into an eastern European institution. 

She needs a family.
So I am desperate!

 PLEASE would you consider helping?

I have been praying.

I have been dreaming of her.

And I know that we serve a BIG God!

The One who rescues!
The One who heals!
The One who gives HOPE!

There are families who would like to adopt and help children like Mercy, but it comes down to money. Simply put. Adoption is very expensive and so is the surgeries that these children often need.

RR has an account set up for her and for the longest time it has had only $120 in it. That's it.

Dear friends, I come in urgency asking for you to please help her.

 Would you consider giving to help Mercy. Even $5? If you feel it upon your heart to do so, you can: Donate Here!

You giving truly makes an eternal difference for this one little girl! 

ABOVE ALL- she needs prayers!!!

Please join me in praying for:

 the right forever family for her, 
for her to get the medical procedures that she needs,
that people will have it laid upon their hearts to give, 


that she will have HOPE 
by knowing the love of Our Heavenly Father.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you in advance!
I can't wait to see the mountains God will move on behalf of this orphan through the body of Christ.


  1. Awww... she's beautiful!

    I will definitely pray for her!!

    I have no doubt that you will be able to bring help to this beautiful little girl.

    Good luck and keep us all posted on how the fundraising goes - hopefully a family will step forward for her quickly!!!

    God bless you.

  2. Aww.... you made me smile today.... seeing little Elias' fund go up... what a blessing to my heart.

    I'll do more than pray for sweet Mercy.... I'm going to donate today!! I hope it shows up in her account right away, we are going to donate now!

    She really really is absolutely beautiful. She is going to make someone a wonderful daughter.

    Joining you in prayer over sweet Mercy.


  3. Thank you for sharing Mercy with us. She is precious. She and the other children from Reece's Rainbow have been on my heart since I read this.