Who am I?

Hi and Welcome to

you may be wondering who I am
so let me introduce myself:

 My name is Alisha

I am a professional

               I Love children 
and have taught and cared for
 hundreds of little (and big) ones
         over the years 

I'm looking forward to being a mom
 (Lord-willing) someday

I Love traveling

 I am blessed to Love and care for orphans
domestically and internationally
 Most importantly 
I Love The Lord 
    with a.l.l. my heart.

I am saved
cared for by
The King of Kings.

I can live
BECAUSE of His m.e.r.c.y.

my prayer is that
 this blog brings Him
if you need prayer or have a question
you can email me at:


  1. I am from Northwest Arkansas, but moved to Southern Michign last year. : )

  2. Hi Alisha! I found you through Kelly's Korner. I live in West MI. I look forward to reading more about your ministry.