Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you to all who gave, donated, helped, prayed, encouraged, and came out to the yard sale this past Saturday. It was a big success! The weather was beautiful and I met so many amazing people in the community- truly, I am so thankful! I will continue to raise money while preparing to go back to Haiti this fall. Know that every bit (help, time, donated items, etc.) is dearly appreciated. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

May God bless each of you.

p.s. -I made/laminated bookmarks for anyone to take at the yard sale and I saw this one left on the table with a rainbow of light around the picture. Remember my 7 beautiful colors God Story? I still see those rainbows everywhere and in perfect places... truly as it says below: "To God be the Glory"

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