Friday, March 30, 2012

Every Life is Beautiful

I saw this movie last week

    I love the message: 

      Every. life. is. beautiful.

every life is

not just the life of a little baby 
a 90-year old saint

But for the life of an adulteress woman 
who believes that's all she's worth.

But for the murderer
who has never been loved.

But for the drunk
who has never had hope.

It is beautiful:
every life.

Truly He gives worth to the worthless
love to the unlovely
and hope to the hopeless.

He makes life beautiful
The One who gives life

 A few years ago 
I was tired of life
and I was tired of living.

My whole life was a mess. 
It felt like nothing beautiful.

But then God

my anxiety and depression into
peace and joy

He transformed someone
who was tired of living
into someone who loves life.

He alone transforms
ashes into beauty. 

Every. life. is. beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. Alisha,
    What a wonderful post! Before we moved, the latested time, I would go up to the court house, with a group and pray, for the end of abortion. Every life IS beautiful...