Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trouble Breathing

I have MANY future posts on my heart, ready to share... 
but they will have to wait for a few urgent prayers needed now.

I have had asthma my whole life. 
There have been times when it's been bad 
(mostly when I was a child)
 but for the most part it's been very controlled.

This week has been another story. 

On Saturday I noticed my asthma getting bad, 
Sunday was worse, and by Monday it was full out horrible. 
The days this week seem blurred together. 
The last few nights have been scary. 
I got around 2 hours of sleep each night because I was having trouble breathing.

Getting air into your lungs doesn't seem so precious until you are struggling to breath.
 I am currently being pumped with steroids for asthma, taking an anti-bodic, and doing breathing treatments around the clock. My pulse ox (oxygen in the blood) has registered slightly low each time it was taken and that is on ALL the medication too. 

I don't want to imagine it without the medicine sustaining my lungs.

I am doing all I can to not be admitted into the hospital. Last year I was admitted for six days for my kidneys, it is no fun staying in a hospital bed. I really don't want to stay another night being admitted to one. But I understand sometimes you have to be. 

 I am being as careful as I can and doing all that I can do.

It's been a vicious cycle though of wanting to sleep because my oxygen is lower and being unable to because the medicines make my whole body shake and cause my heart to beat so quickly.

I am beyond tired.
Prayers are so appreciated!

Lastly, my bloggy friend Linny needs prayers too!  
(You can click on the link above for more info.)

Her daughter, Ruby started seizing early this morning AND her husband is away (along with one of her older daughters, Emma) in Africa. He is holding a Pastors Conference for 1,000 pastors from several countries all over Eastern Africa. Please pray for them all!!!

This verse has been on my heart today:
 "For you have not received the spirit of bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption, wherby we cry, Abba Father." 

                            -Romans 8:15

We remember this Lord in the midst of our trials.

We cry out to You Abba Father for help! 
                                          ...And You hear us


  1. PRAYING for you Alisha...Please let me know if you want this sent to The Knee Team...By the authority of Jesus and His power within you we command your Asthma to gone....clear lungs....restful sleep... In Jesus Name....amen....amen

  2. oh no!! i'll be praying, sister. my brother has asthma and i know how scary it can be!! keep us updated.

    and about hip displasia [sp?], i'm not entirely sure of all that took place. i want to say she was in casting [that went up both legs and around her waste] for quite a few months whenever she was a baby. eventually they straightened out and you would literally NEVER KNOW now. never ever.

    so happy to see that sweet mercys fund is up to almost $500!!!! WOW GOD! He's using you..