Saturday, March 3, 2012

Praises to Jesus!

Dana and I, years ago at The Meadow Brook Ball
     With permission from her, meet my good friend "D" aka Dana!   
                       (From the God Story: The Fork in the Road)

She is a beautiful friend and has encouraged me for YEARS!

               Thank you Jesus- He answered prayers!!!

You are Bigger and Greater God than we can imagine!
 I will be flying across country next month to spent time with my good friend Dana! I will get to hug you lady... yayyy!!!
5 days of adventure together... whoa whooo!
Love you Dana!
 I'm just a bit excited if you can't tell ;)!!! 
It has been a LONG time that I've been praying about this. 
Thank You Lord!!!

Thank You Jesus- Remember Mercy?!

 Since that post last Saturday, her once stagnant account of $120.00  has been increased by $371.70 for a total of $491.70! 
Oh, Thank You Lord! 
All glory goes to You! It's ALL Your doing!

 Let's not stop praying for her. Prayer is POWERFUL! 
Let's not forget her- watch Him- God WILL do Great and Mighty things to help this child of His!
Thank you Jesus-  Regarding an affliction- asthma- I've had relief from it yesterday and today! Praise Jesus! 

No doubt, I have been feeling many prayers from many people.
 I can't thank each prayer warrior enough!

 I am breathing easier now. 

Jesus thank You for giving me air in my lungs!

Dana--- HAD to add this picture. It makes me laugh!

H.A.P.P.Y.     S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. !
What are you praising Jesus for today?


  1. Oh how fun for you Alisha...and praising God for the money being raised and for the having air for your lungs. Yahoo!

  2. AWESOME!!!!

    Love this post!!!! :)

    So glad to hear about Mercy's fund - God is AWESOME!! She's in my prayers, definitely! That's a HUGE jump in her fund in one week!!!! God is AMAZING!!!

    Also so happy to hear you are breathing easier!!! Wooooo!!! That is amazing news!!! I had been praying for your breathing and I was wondering how you were doing with that... so glad to hear you are feeling better!!!! :)