Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love flying in airplanes. Up in the air, things look so small.

It's only on the ground when they are so BIG. 
                                   Circumstances in life can feel the same way close up- BIG!

Taken just before I flew over the Mackinaw Bridge years ago

I remember flying over Haiti, seeing smoke rise up to the heavens from burning garbage, and surveying the damage left from the earthquake, so many homes destroyed, so many tents everywhere, so many homeless.

I thought: Haiti needs help... MAJOR help... Haiti needs Jesus and they need Him badly! What could I possibly do to make a small dent for You in Haiti, Lord?

I also thought... each family, every person, from the first tent/home in Haiti... to the last homeless person in the streets- You know every detail Lord. You care about each and every person.... every single one of them. You know everyone on a very personal level, down to the hairs on their heads. You created each person Lord, unique, every strand in their DNA divinely formed.

Then I remembered: "God, You hold this whole world in Your Hands, You see it all from Heaven above, even me, this is not to BIG for You."

Look UP to Our Savior! Because that mountain of a circumstance that you are trying to move in your life.... is not too BIG for God!
Beautiful blue water in Michigan :) I took this picture years ago- about to fly over the Mackinaw Bridge  

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  1. Beautiful post Alisha...and a wonderful reminder that nothing is too big for GOD!
    RENEE at Adventures In Faithful Living