Thursday, February 2, 2012



It is with very real emotions and heartache that I share this story. Yet it is a story that I must share.

                ...Because you see, each detail was written by God from before time began.

                                                                  Dave Bompart

Dave Bompart and his wife, Nicolle have contributed greatly in caring for orphans through Eyes Wide Open International. They co-founded the ministry together.

Last week, Dave Bompart was in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where he picked up money to feed and care for orphans there. He was helping to build an orphanage for them and was getting ready to head back for construction. Soon after he picked up the money, the vehicle he was in was riddled with bullets. One bullet hit him. One right in the abdomen.

By miracle, Dave made it to a near by hospital in Port-au-Prince, one which he actually helped build after the earthquake. 15 units of deep red blood were then immediately collected by Haitians and Americans alike to help save his life. Two emergency operations were performed in Haiti. Money was quickly and miraculously raised for this one brave follower of Christ to be airlifted to Miami, Florida. There doctors performed multiple surgeries and procedures to save his life. Each day he lived was a miracle.

Thousands were connected and brought together around the world. Including me. Praying- morning, afternoon, evening, and in the middle of the night. Begging God to keep him here with his wife, daughter and adopted Haitian son. Inspired by this man's voice for the orphan and love for all people he came in contact with... I poured my heart out in prayer. I also poured it out in praise for the One who made him.

This afternoon, after a long, exhausting, good-fought battle-- I received this mass text from his wife: "FROM NICOLLE: Today is the day I never hoped would come & these are the words I never hoped to type. Moments ago the love of my life went to be with Jesus."

I know this: God is good.

Whether we understand or not, His plan is still good.

He is still worthy of praise.

Dave is with the One whom he loves more than anyone and it is in that, that we rejoice!

There is a dance of grief and joy.... joy and grief.

With heartache, the world lost a Godly man, and with heartache a new day starts tomorrow without him.

With praise, God brought thousands of believers together. Non-believers alike, saw God's miracles unfold day by day, all the nurses, doctors, and each one that laid their hands on him- saw a glimpse of God.

With Praise, "Big Dave" is no longer suffering, he is now face to face with Jesus!

With Trust in the One who made me... I will go back to Haiti and I will continue the work on behalf of the orphan.... because even though that bullet was meant for his destruction... to cause pain and fear in the lives of many.... something else happened.... death did not win, no.

                                                     CHRIST GOT THE VICTORY!!!

                                                                    Sunrise in Haiti

***Please continue in prayer as Nicolle and family- grieve, hurt and as they heal. As Nicolle puts it: "Prayer changes things"... yes it does... and much prayer is needed for them.

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