Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God Story--- The Cloud

I have a sweet treat for YOU this Valentine's Day! 

Another story created by the Author of Romance.

3 years ago, late in the Springtime
I was sitting on my parent's deck...
enjoying the beautiful weather and listening to the birds.

I like all the seasons, but Spring is my favorite!
To me nothing is better than walking down a sidewalk...
with tree after tree in flowery bloom...
and being showered with blossoms from the heavens.
(I also like it in Michigan because you are finally able to take your jacket off!)

Spring reminds me of new life...

This is why I've truly been a proponent of wanting to get married in the Spring. ;)

...Anyways as I was sitting on their deck...
I was thinking "Wow it's amazing that The One who created all of
these beautiful things throughout nature, created me. And the kicker- HE LOVES ME TOO?!?!
Really, Wow God!" 

Just then I look up and a HUGE cloud starts to float by my vision...
across the gorgeous blue sky.

I love hearts and I knew what this cloud was in the shape of instantly.

A heart.

I was in awe because I knew God placed it there for me to see.
I had to take a picture...
there would be no other way I could explain this to anyone...

I went inside, stumbled around in the darkness of their house...
(I had just gone from the bright light outside to inside)
searching for my phone... and quickly...

Finally I found it.
Grabbed it.
Took it outside.

And although by the time I took it, it's perfect heart-shape form had been distorted by the wind...

this is the picture I was able to take:

heart cloud (seen before my eyes)

May you remember today that His love is seen all around us. Even in nature.

 May The One who created every kind of flower...

The Author of Romance.
The One who defines what LOVE is.
The one who is LOVE.

Surprise You today...
(single or not you may be)
 this Valentine's Day
 and leave you in awe of what He has created for you to enjoy!

His gifts are the best! Better than chocolate. Guaranteed.


  1. Wow! Beautiful!

    What a beautiful post!!

    That heart shaped cloud was AMAZING to see!!!

  2. Great cloud!!! Love the better than chocolate too! Yes He is! Enjoyed your post very much.

  3. I LOVE how God works! Even in the small things, he is the author of all things! Happy Valentines day! May our God of LOVE bless you today!

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog @ Streams of Abundance! All the comments left on my blog, truly make my day! Your welcome for putting your blog button on my blog! One question, did you make it or did someone else do it. I have tryed making my own, but I am totally clueless! I am praying for you too sweet new bloggy friend!!! It still amazes me that we both wrote about rainbows that Monday!

    Love and Blessings!

  4. I love this!! What a great God moment!!!