Monday, February 13, 2012

God Story--- Our Miracle Orchestrating God

I have an AWESOME story to share that happened yesterday... something ONLY God could orchestrate! I stand yet again in awe of You, God.

This weekend I was preparing to teach the Preschool Sunday School class. 

As usual, I was looking over the material for the lesson and praying. The lesson was about God orchestrating a miracle and saving baby Moses. I was so excited to teach the children this story! (Exodus 2:1-10) 

In my heart, I can just imagine the frightened mother nursing her son frequently... attempting to keep him quiet as she hid him. I wonder if she grew more bonded to him by the moment for three long months. Oh, how she must of felt as she placed him into that basket... 

(Could she have ever been prepared to know then the plans God had for this helpless little baby?)

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 
God still orchestrates miracles!

Things still happen that doctors cannot explain...

Come expecting a miracle because...

He still gives sight to the blind. 
He still heals the cancer.
He still makes the lame to walk.

(On a side note: Last February my kidneys were failing at an 80% rate. I was in the hospital on morphine for pain... when I was prayed over... and the next day God completely healed my kidneys and blood levels. Praise God! EVERY doctor tried to explain how that could happen scientifically, but couldn't give me any real explanation.)

When preparing for the lesson about God saving baby Moses... 
The Lord brought a 3-year old that I've met to my mind.

Before I even knew what the lesson was He brought him to my mind
and once again after I knew what I would be teaching... 
He brought this little boy to my mind again.

The 3-year old boy is an orphan, one I met in Haiti.
Perfectly named...

(Funny enough...Out of all my favorite pictures from Haiti...
with so many children that I've fallen in love with there... 
my profile picture happens to be one I chose of him and I.)

Moses is a joy-filled child.
He is the happiest, most pleasant child to be around.

Despite losing his home (the orphanage) from an earthquake...
Despite living in a tent with no fans...
in a country where the heat index can exceed 120 degrees...
Despite limited food and clean water...
Despite no shoes...
Despite little clothing...

Moses is FILLED with joy. His laughter consumes you... and your left in smiles.
His giggles feel as if they are being poured down from Heaven above.

Moses is also unable to walk.  

And even despite this obstacle he is still full of laughter and joy.

When God brought Him to my mind the second time...
I grabbed some pictures of him to take to preschool.

                                                    After I taught the lesson (yesterday)....
  I pulled out a few pictures of Haiti and then a few of Moses

Pointing to the pictures... saying: 
"Boys and girls, Miss. Alisha went to a country called Haiti. 
There many people's homes look like this." (Pointing to a picture that I held up.)

"Many children there walk barefoot..."
"And many children have little food and water.
I met a little boy there also named Moses." (I held up and pointed to a picture of him.)
I explained a little more of his situation to them
and then said: "How about we pray for him.
What should we pray?"

Without skipping a beat...
 little curly headed, Maria holds up her hand really high.

I call on her.
"For him to have food and for his legs to work."

The preschoolers (mostly made up of 4 year old children) began to join me in prayer for Moses.
There are no words for that...
Maria's request and child-like faith was simply beautiful.

After Sunday School was over... something interesting happened during the church service...
 The message the pastor preached was on miracles.

The title of the message was called:

I remember thinking in my head: "If he preaches on the lame man (by the pool) who Jesus made to walk, that would be crazy."

He did.
Not only did he preach on it, 
but he focused in on preaching this miracle.

John 5:8-9:  "Jesus said to him, "Rise, take up your bed and walk." And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked."
(The man had an encounter with Jesus!)

God has a special plan for Moses' life. I just know it!
I pray... believing that he too will have an encounter with Jesus!

Let's STILL believe in miracles!
Let's believe...
 and let's praise Him! 

The first miracle Jesus did in my life:  
was when...

He took me in,
a sinner.
I repented
and He simply forgave me.
I was saved, 
I was born-again, 
I was cleaned.
I was given the greatest gift ever... Jesus.
A gift that NEVER fades. To have forever. Always.
Now for all eternity I can be with Him.

Now for all eternity I have hope. 
He adopted me.
God became my Father.
...and He made me royalty.
A daughter of The King.

A filthy, hopeless sinner I was.
No direction in life. No meaning in life.
THEN He came, gave me meaning to everything!

ALL by the powerful blood shed by Jesus Christ.
...this is the HUGEST miracle I've ever experienced to date.

You can experience this too!
(Have questions? Email me at

Through Christ alone. 
He is Our Miracle Orchestrating God!!!


  1. What a beautiful testimony of God's miracle working power in our being healed from failing kidneys!! AND your sweet Sunday School students praying for Moses legs to work. AMEN!! Believing in miracles...yes....thank you for such an inspiring post.

  2. Amen! I will be praying for this sweet little boy!

  3. What a beautiful story, so well written Miss Alisha! I am thankful God healed your kidneys and so thankful that He can heal Moses too. We will pray with you! Thank you for sharing!! xo